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Mechanics of Fluids I

Your updated Mid-term result is ready, click here!

Please find lecture notes for “Mechanics of Fluids I” here:









and homeworks:













References are:

  1. Shames, I.H., Mechanics of Fluids, 4thEdition, McGraw-Hill, 2003
  2. Streeter, V.L., Wylie, E.B., and Bedford, K.W., Fluid Mechanics, 9thEdition, McGraw-Hill, 1998
  3. White, F., Fluid Mechanics, 5thEdition, McGraw-Hill, 1998
  4. www.answers.com


  roozbeh wrote @

hi Mr javadi.Thanks for your nice weblog.But
i cant find any homework for mechanics of fluids 1 here.plz give me a direct link.

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Roozbeh:

  saeed wrote @

ms javadi how are u ?
gharar nabod u kasi ro zaye bokonid kari kardid dige be weblogetonm sar nazanam mer aaz lotfeton bye

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Saeed,
Never ever such an aim (“zaie kardan”) existed in any conversation at the class. easy mate and I am waiting for your other comments and visits my friend.

  abdolrasool movahedi far wrote @

salam ostad sale noo mobarak enshaalah ro emtahan ba javab dadan sahih b soalat edye v javab zahemattono midam.bdrood

  msjavadi wrote @

Enshallah Rasool.

  saeed wrote @

salam mikhastam dige nayam vali nashod akhe doseton daram va behetonam niyaz daram
rasti yki az linkaton ke hom work dasht harkari mikonam baz namishe
rasti emtehan sade begirin mer30 bye

  msjavadi wrote @

For Saeed,
Thanks and OK!

  IMAN wrote @

HI…..khooob hastid
rasti aghaye javadi in fy chi shod?
i am kidding
tnx for your exam & your result
you r so fast
and thats so good

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Iman,

Thank you mate, I’ve done just my duty.

  iman wrote @

salam ostadiiii……..
sorry on cd GAS ke shoma dadin vase chaptere 16..chaptere 16 ke 70 safhe hast…….vaaao hamasho bayad terans… konim
goftid ke 14 15 bishtar nist

  iman wrote @

hi ms..u said: chaptere 16 gas 13 14 page hast but, 72 page hast ke vaaoooooooooo….hamasho bayad trans… konim?72 page ???

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Iman,
you have 14 days (including past 4 days). if you translate 5-4 page per day it will be done on time. by the way there are many graphs, tables, figures and equation which u dont to translate. BTW, if you need any help do not hesitate to contact me.

  akbar wrote @

che torid

  saeed wrote @

salammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm khaste nabashid ostad pas ko lectuera

  Jamali.Ashkan wrote @

thanks for the use tech to provide us deeper understanding of the subject matter…

  ali wrote @

ostad nomreie mid term saialat 1 dorost shod?
ali dehghani

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Ali,

  aslan farjam wrote @

hi sir!which chapters do we have study 4 final?chapters which have been come after chapter of fluid statics?

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Aslan,
Yes my man. I also, will upload another lecture note as soon as possible.

  Mehdi wrote @

bonne chance pour monsieur Javadi
je t’aime

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Mehdi(Sadegh),

Good luck for you my friend en I love you too.

  reza d wrote @

hi mr.javadi….
lotfan ezafe kardan 5 nomre be midtermam faramush nashavad!!!!! (85682202)

  iman wrote @

hi my dear teacher….where r u? we are waiting for u to come back to shz a.s.a.p if u dont come…we go to joine with in teh in summer
have good time

  hamed wrote @

hi ostadddddddddd how are u?ostad torokhoda emtehan sakht nadin ma bachehaye azad khyli bad shansim ???ostad sayalat biyoftim termo2 ham hazf mishe .tori nashe badan began ostade maro andakht man pas mishodam .. roz bar u khosh …….

  ali wrote @

ostad man ozve ghorohi bodam ke sutten ro tarjome kardim va farmodid ke be nomreie saialat ezafe mikonam ama ba vojode inke fekr mikonam baiesti az emtahan nomreie khob begiram shoma 15.6 karam nemodid, khahesh mikonam ie bare dige majmoe nomrehaie emtahan va projeie mano jam namaiid.85682118 saialat1

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Ali,
I’ll check it again. doubt if there is any mistake there.

  ashkan wrote @

salam ostad shoma nomreye sayalate1 mano chan rad karde budid?akhe man hameye soal haro dorost javab dadam va tarjomeye suteno ham anjam dadam vali fekr nakonam nomreii be man dade bashin.lotfan dar asrae vaght javabesho baram befresin.85682128

  msjavadi wrote @

proje shoma kamelan be hesab oomade.

  ali wrote @

ostad farmodid jame nomreie emtahan va projeie mano ie bare dige baresi mifarmaiid mishe nomreha ro mail namiid?

  ali wrote @

ostad farmodid ke nomreie sahihe man 17.60 bode,tashih mifarmaiid?

  aslan farjam wrote @

hi man,,,what’s up?how’s everything?

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