The aim of establishing this webplace is to communicate with my class friends and students.


What is CFD? CFD is the abbreviation for “Computational Fluid Dynamics” and a branch of fluid mechanics to predict the behavior of a fluid flow with the help of numerical methods and (fast) computers. the most common understanding of CFD is solving non-linear partial differential equations which describe the fluid flow behavior with the aid of numerical methods rather than analytical or experimental ones. While, there are methods in the scope of CFD, which are independent from those usual partial differential equations (SPH). Hence, CFD is a quite powerful tool for engineers to predict the behavior of the systems including fluid flows, where the exact analytical answers are not available (and this is a common practice most of the time!)

What is FLUENT? FLUENT is a commercial CFD package and can be used in most industries. It is fairly simple and user-friendly, but at the same time enough powerful for many engineering purposes. In fact FLUENT is one of the best in its kind.


  keshavarzi,mohamad wrote @

hi sir
i want to subscrib for fluent class that you have talk about in classes.
i dont know whether i do it right or wrong?
thank you

  msjavadi wrote @

Dear Mohammad,

Thank you for your comment. I think this is a proper act till I know which is which and who is who. But I will ask you after the New Year to refer to the office to register.

  aslan farjam wrote @

hi my dear teacher!
as u remember,we talked in class about possiblity of making on calsses;in our university,,,did u talk to Dr.afsari about that issue?

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Aslan,
I have checked Dibagaran facilities. I think Dibagaran is a poper place.

  aslan farjam wrote @

and did u check our university facilities?(if any facilities exist)…lol,but seriously i think ensani university has a good lab and we can use it!and u told us about making tuition of Dibagaran lesser for students,did u talked 2 Dibagaran?

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Aslan,
No! I didn’t check inside facilities. I will do that after holidays. For tuition at Dibagaran, I need to know roughly how many of you would register, then I would have wing to negotiate, but I had informed them about the probable problems you may have rgarding that. I reckon this can be sorted out, too.

  aslan farjam wrote @

allright!!thx alot,and have a great holidays,,i suggest u 2 enjoy ur holidays,because after that,nice fluid mechanics ||,is waiting for u!be happy!:D

  ali owj fard wrote @

salam mikhastam bedunam ke chejoori bayad baraye kelass ha elame amadegi kard?

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Ali,
I think it is a positive way to put a comment here. Thanks.

  ghasem ghiasi wrote @

hi sir
i want to subscrib for fluent class that you have talk about in classes.

  Mohammad Hossain Ghasemi wrote @

I want to partake in your cfd classes.please steer me,that what shoud i do?


  msjavadi wrote @

Hello Mohammed,
I will give you the address where you can refer to register, at the class.

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