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Application of Probability and Statistics in Fluid Dynamics

This page is in response to your request about the project for Fluid Mechanics II. The aim of this project is to familiarize you with the application of probability and statistics in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. One of the problems of our courses in Iran for mechanical engineers is omitting the probability and statistics sections wherever that they have been included in the text books. No matter what people are doing around the globe, we are responsible for and in charge of our own needs and I do not know why the courses seem uninformed about our needs, but today it is quite obvious that the national industries need engineers with proper statistical perspective, anyway.

The scope of such a project is very vast and I have told you where to search for. Here, we review what you can search for; hence, you will have what to search for and where. Look up for these key words:

  • PDF (probability density function)
  • Turbulence and statistical methods/Role of (spatial and time) averaging
  • Statistical mechanics/Gases other than the perfect gas
  • Statistical thermodynamics/Shock structure
  • Probability and chaos theory
  • Probability and system theory/Fuzzy control systems
  • Sea waves and statistics/Monte Carlo method

Simply search for one of these key words (of course if you want to search for something else, in the domain of our title it is quite fine). First, study about it and then write what you understand from what you have studied. Please, do not write what you do not understand! The value is in the meaning carried by your own words.

To know where to search for and how to write your report, please check this page up.


  movahedi wrote @

یک دنیا تشکر استاد که از یک سردرگمی بزرگ نجاتم دادی

  ekhlasi wrote @

arze adab va ehteram………..faghat hamin

  msjavadi wrote @

For Mr. Movahedi,
My pleasure!

  msjavadi wrote @

For Mr. Ekhlasi,
Thank you!

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