The aim of establishing this webplace is to communicate with my class friends and students.

This place is yours

Hello and welcome! First of all it is worth mentioning that this is not a personal weblog, unlike its name, it is a place for my class friends and students. As most of the time, I’m not at the University, I have decided to establish this webplace to be constantly (regularly) in touch with you to maximize our productivity at the class. Also, this can be the venue for you to have your say about the class and whereabouts (marks, quiz, homeworks …). Of course, I welcome your comments, but I do not promise to publish all of them.
To use this webplace, please look up for your course. I have provided separate page for every course which is titled by its name (Mechanics of Fluids I, Mechanics of Fluid II …).
Every page contains the next class “lecture notes” (if available) that you can download and use. Please take a quick look at them before the class and do not forget having the lecture notes won’t stop the need of your presence (of mind!) at the class.
At the end I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for collaborating with me in using this webplace.



  mehdi shayeghpour wrote @

guys I’ve been in UK a university, and I’m telling you, seriously you may not get the opportunity to attend in such a class that compares to UK’s university standards (world class)
I’m sure you will enjoy your time with precious ms Javadi.

  Masoud Daram wrote @

با سلام خدمت شما
مي خواهم كمي بيشتر در مورد تحقيق خواسته شده در باره آمار و احتمالات در پيش بيني رفتار سيالات توضيح دهيد زيرا در جلسه آخر سال شايد فرصت براي توضيح بيشتر نبود
با سپاس مسعود دارم

  مجتبی wrote @

باسلام سال نو برشما وخانواده محترمتان مبارک
حضرت علی می فرماید خداوند هرگاه خیری به بنده اش بخواهد به او کم خوابی ءکم خوریءکم حرفی تلقین می کند

  pouria yazdanpanah wrote @

سلام جناب مهندس .لطفا اگر زحمتی نیست فردا برگه میان ترم رو بیرید. متشکرم. پوریا یزدان پناه 83682123

  یک غریبه wrote @

مردی می رود
در تنهایی خویش گم می شود
در آبی آسمان
و در آبی محو یک روز برفی گم می شود
نمی داند که حقیقت را گم کرده
در خیال یافتن معبودی خیالی

  msjavadi wrote @

غریبه عزیز
اینچنین نیست!
A hero always comes home! 😉

  mohammad wrote @

با سلام و عرض خسته نباشيد خدمت استاد گرامي
بنده دانشجوي مهندسي كامپيوتر شيراز هستم كه از طريق دانشجويان مكانيك با آدرس سايت شما را گرفتم.غرض از مزاحمت اين است كه از شما اجازه بگيرم و سوالات مربوط به قسمت مكانيكي پروژه ام را بپرسم.

  hamed valipoor wrote @

با سلام
با توجه به اعلام نمرات درس هايم امكان مشروطي ام خيلي زياد است فقط نمره ي شما اعلام نشده است.خواهشمندم تا حد امكان در اعلام نمرهي بنده انفاق كنيد.
با تشكر
شماره دانشجويي:86683228

  ali wrote @

ostad man ozve ghorohi bodam ke sutten ro tarjome kardim va farmodid ke be nomreie saialat ezafe mikonam ama ba vojode inke fekr mikonam baiesti az emtahan nomreie khob begiram shoma 15.6 karam nemodid, khahesh mikonam ie bare dige majmoe nomrehaie emtahan va projeie mano jam namaiid.85682118 saialat1

  ali wrote @

dar javabe commente man neveshte bodid ke nomreie sahihe man 17.60 bode,hala ostad shoma in nomreie mano eslah mifarmaiid?
85682118 saialat1

  masoud-daram wrote @

hello mr javadi i was your student in shiraz azad university i hope you will succesful in your life if you can pls guide me how can i design a parachute that carried 500 grams all of thing optional for example velocity,…….

  msjavadi wrote @

check the weblog mate.

  msjavadi wrote @

Hi Masoud,

Sorry for the late reply. I had a problem recently in logging in.

The parachute supposedly finds a constant velocity say V. The effect of wind is neglected. The air density remains constant R. The weight of the parachute and the mass is W=(0.5+w(parachute))*g. The shape of the parachute can be semisphere and will have a projected area, A, which its direction is parallel to the path of the free fall(streamwise); so its drag coefficient is CD and Teta=0.

The goal is to find A.

Two forces act on the whole body (parachute and the mass (0.5 Kg)): weight and Drag, then:

Sigma F=0 (the parachute has a constant velocity of V).


W=FDrag(A,CD,V, R, Teta)

The Formula for FDrag can be found in FM II page. CD can be easily found for semisphere and R for Air. V is the matter of choice. A can be found finally.

All the best.

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